Home Depot Citrus Tree

home depot citrus treehome depot logoGrowing Citrus trees in containers and the backyard can be done. Many articles have been written about growing Meyer lemon, Calomondin and even orange trees in containers all across the world. In tropical climates homeowners can grow orange trees, lemon trees, lime trees and grapefruit trees with great success. All it takes is feeding and care to reap the rewards. Selecting a variety is relatively simple... All you need to do is pick the one best used for what you are looking to do. For example, Valencia is great for juicing. Ruby Red Grapefruit is one that you would seek if you are looking for a grapefruit like purchased in grocery stores like Publix, Winn-Dixie, Wegmans, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and road stands in tropical areas especially Florida and California.

Then there are Lemon trees. Lemon trees are a cool addition to any house. They are a labor of love and require a little attention but  Lemon trees from Home Depot are a great choice. Ranging from small (1 gallon) to larger patio pots and 5-10 gallon trees, Home Depot definitely has a selection for you. Meyer Lemons are a good choice as they are ever-bearing and product flowers and fruit year round. So... If you want fruit all the time a Meyer Lemon is a good choice. In addition to this you can make selections of Eureka and Ponderosa. All have excellent qualities and The Home Depot locations across Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama have a plethora of trees in stock where you can make the selection you want.

Suggested varieties available at Home Depot if Florida, Home Depot in Georgia, Home Depot in Alabama and Home Depot in South Carolina:

  • Valencia Orange Tree
  • Meyer Lemon Citrus Tree
  • Navel Orange Citrus Tree
  • Eureka Lemon Citrus Tree
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree
  • Key Lime Citrus Tree

One last Home Depot Orange Tree to mention is quite unique! While it is not just an orange tree it is one that neighbors, visitors and family members will talk about forever. It is known as the Cocktail Citrus Tree — A tree that has up to 6 varieties grafted on to it and they are available at Home Depot locations. They range in size from small one gallon trees that have a Meyer lemon and a key lime grown together to a full blown tree that has Lemon, Grapefruit and Oranges grafted onto the Home Depot tree.

Care for Citrus Trees Available at Home Depot

home depot citrusThe GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care kit available at The Home Depot is revolutionary in growing orange, lime, lemon and grapefruit Citrus trees from Home Depot successfully. With top grade products ranging from Slow Release Fertilizer that lasts 6-8 months and a soil amendment that helps hold nutrients around the roots you are on the right track for growing your Orange, Lemon or Lime Citrus tree from The Home Depot successfully. In addition, you get a foliar applied micronutrient, only available in addition to the other 5 products inside the GrowScripts Care Kits available at the Home Depot, which puts nutrients into the tree you purchased at Home Depot via the leaves so that flowering and fruit set is in the right place via optimal nutrition levels. Add into the Home Depot Citrus tree care kit, a plant conditioner that is proven to help keep your tree clean and you can see why GrowScripts Citrus Tree Care can provide the lending hand for Home Depot fruit tree customers successfully.

NOTE: Growing Citrus from seed can be done but know that the tree may take years for the lemon, orange or lime tree to produce fruit. Many citrus trees are grafted as a certain variety.