Home Depot Avocado Tree Care Kit

home depot avocado treehome depot logoGrowing Avocado trees can be a rewarding endeavor. In recent years Avocado varieties have been developed for more cold hardy environments and can be found at Home Depot in certain stores. What this means is that Avocado trees can be grown in temperatures down to 15˚ - 28˚ when mature; especially in the northern parts of Florida, South Georgia, and eastern Alabama. At a young age these trees need to be protected around 32˚ due to freezing potential. In the southern part of Florida Home Depot stores generally carry the varieties best for those geographic locations.

Suggested varieties that are cold hardy are:

  • Brazos Belle
  • Brogden
  • Day
  • Fantastic
  • Joey
  • Lila
  • Mexicola
  • Pancho

Growing a Home Depot Avocado Tree can be done in the ground or in containers. Care for them is quite similar. Once you choose the variety you want growing the Avocado you get, at The Home Depot, it is recommended to keep the tree pruned at arms reach height so that harvesting fruit is easy. Growing in a container you will automatically have a smaller tree as it will be contained by the pot; and yes you can keep it in the Home Depot container you purchase it in.

Care for Avocado Trees

home depot avocadoInside the Home Depot GrowScripts Avocado Tree Care kit is everything needed to grow Avocado trees successfully. With top grade products ranging from Slow Release Fertilizer that lasts 6-8 months and a soil amendment that helps hold nutrients around the roots you are on the right track for growing your home depot Avocado tree successfully. In addition, you get a foliar applied micronutrient, available only in the Home Depot kit, which puts nutrients into the tree you purchased at Home Depot via the leaves so that flowering and fruit set is in the right place via optimal nutrition levels. Add into the Home Depot Avocado tree care kit, a plant conditioner that is proven to help keep your tree clean and you can see why GrowScripts Avocado Tree Care can provide the lending hand for Home Depot fruit tree customers to Avocados successfully.

NOTE: Growing Avocados from seed can be done. Rooting them via soaking in water is a common approach. While successful please know that it may take 7-8 years for the Avocado to produce fruit. Many avocado trees are grafted as a certain variety so that fruit harvest can be done quicker.