Let your plants experience the miracle of growing with nutrition

The miracle of growing your plants with proper nutrition is that your plants, no matter what they are, will be profoundly affected by the use of essential elements most often found deficient in soils.

Micronutrients, also known as trace elements, should be called miracle growth exhilarants because they are only needed in trace amounts, but the miracle of these trace elements make our plants do what we want them to do more effectively.

Take for example a plant that is planted in a container and put on the patio... It grows well the first few months (Maybe even years) but then... After a short time it begins to deteriorate, not look as good, and even produce less flowers or vegetables. Even if the plants are new each year we still run into the same issue of less than adequate growth and production because the soil may never have been changed to introduce new micronutrients, or as we like to say miracle growth nutrients.

Micronutrients, or as we refer to them, miracle growth stimulants, like iron, manganese, boron, chlorine, copper, molybdenium, and zinc are critical in a plants life cycle because they play a part in plant respiration and plant metabolism for the miracles of the plant world — production and reproduction.