Valet Plant Conditioner

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Removes dust and sediment deposits that hamper uptake of foliar applied products

From natural extracts Valet is intended to help maximize plant efficiencies for optimal growth, healthy flowering, yield, and abundant harvests. Applied in a “washing” approach Valet reduces build-up and sediment deposits for better photosynthesis which may increase BRIX (i.e. sugar) for optimal plant efficiency.


May contain some, or all, of the following processed extracts and ingredients: Alcohol: (97-99-4-1); Alkyl-C-Methyl Esters (67784-80-9) Chrysanthemum oil; (67784-80-9) - Alky Oligoglucopryanosides: (110615-47-9) – Alkyl Poly Glycoside: (141464-42-8); - Alkanolamines: (141-43-5) – Cedar oil (8000-27-9); - Cinnamon oil (8007-80-5); Citronella oil (8000-29-1); - Corn oil (8001-30-7); - EDTA: (020834-56-0) Extracts of Garlic (8008-99-9) Geranium oil (8000-46-2); Jojoba oil (61789-91-1) - Karanja oil (484-33-3); Lemongrass oil (8007-02-1); - Lilly extract (84696-27-5); Mint oil (68917-18-0); Peppermint oil (8006-90-4); Processed Neem oil (8002-65-1); Soybean oil (8001-22-7 ; - Sodium Coco Poly Glucoside citrate: (151911-51-2): Ethyl Lactate: (97-64-3); Dextronic acid; (526-95-4); Gluconic Acid: (526-95-4) Methyl Soyate: (67784-80-9) Sapodilla (8051-02-3); Processed extracts of sugar cane (57-50-1); - Tall Oil Fatty Acids: (61790-12-3); Water; (007732-18-5)

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