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At GrowScripts we've made great strides in bringing professional grade products to the consumer market. These products are proven in the commerical sector and by university research. What this means is that you are able to offer quality ingredients/products that have never before been available to the homeowner and DIY’er.

These products should be on your shelf because customers are asking for it! What that translates into is more profit at the register. We are all in business for one reason or another, but ROI needs to be the end result. It’s what keeps us going and enables success. At GrowScripts we’ve delivered on that premise.

Lets talk as soon as you get a moment. There is nothing better than having a product on your shelf that answers customer questions such as: How Do I?  What Do I? and Can I?  

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The oportunities are endless. Here are a few benefits that just make sense for offering GrowScripts Plant Care Kits:

Proven Essentials Every Home Gardener and DIY'er Needs

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Ensure homeowners are achieving green thumb success with products based on what many industry growers apply for tree/plant health and fruit/vegetable/flower production. These product combinations are in an easy-to-use kit that delivers just the right product at just the right time – proven by the pros.

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