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GrowScripts Plant Care Fertilizer

6-9 month slow release fruit tree fertilizer never before available to the homeowner — used by growers and nurseries. Perfect for apples, blueberries, oranges, lemons, peaches, tomatoes and fruiting plants.

slow release fertilizer


Providing the appropriate amount of nutrition, that considers the overall plant, at the right time, offering DIY’ers a solution they’ve been seeking for decades... To correct sick/yellow plants and grow healthy in an environmentally friendly manner, that is cost effective, without all the guesswork.

 GrowScripts pH Chart

Nutrient Starter

Just enough slow release fertilizer and foliar applied micronutrients to grow your small tree or plant proactively

2 piece kit

It's All Inside...

One easy package of everything needed to care for fruit trees, vegetables and anything edible. GrowScripts plant food care kits offer all the products needed to care for fruiting plants for a growing season



Get the Essentials:

Grow your Avocado Tree successfully using the essentials proven by the pro's for growing your avocado tree. The GrowScripts Avocado Tree Care Kit includes:

  • The NPK fertilizer your tree craves;
  • a concentrated micronutrient supplement that when mixed with water and applied, to the leaves of the tree, provides the nutrients many trees seek;
  • a beneficial soil amendment, that aid in the retention of water and essential elements;
  • an active soil drench that incorporates beneficial soil biology being proven in the commercial industry;
  • a plant conditioner used in a "washing" approach to keep your tree in optimal shape for uptake and photosynthesis;
  • a systemic insecticide/bactericide so that you can keep your avocado tree in optimal shape for uptake and photosynthesis.

NOTE: All liquid products are in concentrate form. Product goes a long way - Enough product to treat your avocado tree multiple times. A little bit goes a long way!



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